House votes 252-165 to speed up natural gas pipeline approvals

The House passed legislation on Thursday that would require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to approve applications for natural gas pipelines within 12 months.

Members passed the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, H.R. 1900, in a 252-165 vote that saw 26 Democrats support the GOP bill.

The bill is part of what could be the GOP’s last major legislative push on energy in 2013. The House passed legislation on Wednesday to speed up applications for drilling on federal land and another bill to block pending federal rules on fracking. Read more.

3 thoughts on “House votes 252-165 to speed up natural gas pipeline approvals

  1. While it is a good push to move ahead…I am also aware of growing number of fatal accidents in the Shale industry. I think we need to get control of this and move ahead at the same time…not sure Ohio is in quite the situation of the rest of US but no clear data seems to be forthcoming just yet. We do know that US fatality was reported at 138 for last year – 7 times higher per 100,000 manhours than any other industrial sector. This is from the National STEPS safety Standdown and has not been confirmed…we are working on it.

    If the case, it begs taking serious action. We know that perfect safety is possible here.


    • Further comments from some of the senior project managers and drillers is confirming that the first indicator on how well a site is run, a project is going, etc…is the safety indicators. Their comment also extends to profitability…safer sites and groups are more successful in terms of profitability as well. Makes sense.