EON’s position on Senate Bill 310

The following is EON’s New Release regarding our position on Ohio Senate Bill 310.  Please add your comments and contributions to help us contribute meaningful insights and experience to our State’s Policy makers and our policy making process.  A copy of the entire EON Position Paper may found at

this link: EON_PositionPaper_SB310_ForRelease_19May2014


MEDINA, OH — (for immediate release) — 05/19/14 – EnergyOhio Network (EON) today released the following position relative to Ohio’s Senate Bill 310 for energy as passed on May 8, 2014.

EON believes that insuring Ohio’s policy makers have the ongoing benefit of everything that our state’s energy practitioners know from their experience in supplying and using energy will support the best decisions on policy and policy revision.  This includes input on experience and learning for rapidly changing energy related technologies and also the effect, good and bad, of Ohio’s energy policies. 

To this end, it is clear that Ohio’s energy expertise was not fully utilized by the Ohio legislature prior to or during development of SB 310 as passed by the Ohio Senate.  The primary indication of this is the fact that SB 310 has placed many existing policies on hold.  We believe this could have been avoided.

We also have concern that placing existing energy policy and governance on hold, in spite of a specific policy requirement to complete a report by late 2015, signals a high risk investment environment for Ohio.  The report may mitigate this, however, why this could not be done while continuing or modifying existing Policy is not clear at this time.  This needs to be a topic for discussion to insure future policy development provides a seamless movement forward and together in achieving Ohio’s energy strategy.

The approach suggested by EON to fully and rapidly leverage and integrate Ohio’s considerable expertise in the energy sector (which includes state, national, and global energy practices) positions Ohio as a national leader for sustainable energy and energy policy development.  This approach also places Ohio in a leadership role for accelerating economic growth opportunities including leading edge energy jobs.

Also see Ohio Legislative Service “Bill Analysis” http://www.lsc.state.oh.us/analyses130/s0310-ps-130.pdf

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