Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC)

NOPEC is an Ohio council of governments formed in 2000 to assist communities in navigating the changes brought by energy deregulation and help bring lower utility costs to families and businesses throughout northeast Ohio.  Representing more than 173 different communities across 10 counties, NOPEC is the largest governmental aggregator of electricity and natural gas purchases in the nation.  NOPEC is overseen by a general assembly made up of one representative from each member community with one board of director member from each county within the NOPEC footprint. All of these individuals serve without pay. As a public entity, NOPEC is uniquely suited to advocate on behalf of our customers – and indeed, all Ohio consumers – for the legislative and regulatory changes needed to make the energy consumer process fairer and more open for everyone. NOPEC has traditionally used mass purchasing techniques in order secure the best possible pricing for our 500,000 residential and 70,000 small business customers and now seeks to assist those customers in making the best informed decisions possible about how, when, where, and why they choose to spend their energy dollars.

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Cleveland State University, Energy Policy Center

The Center for Energy Policy (CEP) is housed within the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University. Research and educational activities conducted therein will be focused upon the human dimensions of the impending move to an advanced energy economy. The mission of CEP will be to help overcome social and institutional barriers to the implementation of technical solutions to existing energy challenges by providing an objective channel for the free exchange of ideas, the dissemination of knowledge, and the support of significant energy-related research in the areas of public policy, economics, business and social science – thereby aiming to become widely-recognized as a leading center for creative and excellent research.

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