Our Goals

Mission:   To provide the best energy future possible for the residents and businesses of Ohio.

Ohio has the potential to become the epicenter of a model of industrial revitalization thanks to shale natural gas resources, distributed energy opportunities, and advanced energy technologies. EON’s goal is to ensure that these resources and this current opportunity are leveraged together so that Ohio’s business, non-profits, and citizens fully realize the economic and environmental benefits that these new 21st century opportunities create.


We are now in an era in which distributed generation is becoming increasingly important and vital to the health of the power grid and our energy future. Due to a portfolio of fuels and technologies, we now have the potential to generate power at the residential, business and industrial levels and to complement the existing grid and it’s historical centralized generation orientation – all part of the inexorable shift to a new energy ecosystem. But there are still challenges due to legacy systems and regulations.

Our transportation sector also has the potential to develop entirely new, non-oil based infrastructures, enhancing not only the Ohio economy but our national security as well. The growth of alternative fuels – especially, natural gas, bio and electricity – is providing us with a number of new vehicle and refueling options in a “never-before-seen” opportunity.

Our challenge and task is to hasten the development of this “Ohio 2.0 Energy Infrastructure”.





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