About Us


The EnergyOhio Network (EON) is a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing together Ohio’s energy “practitioners” – including citizens, businesses, and organizations – to actively help our state realize the full benefit of Ohio’s current energy opportunities as the path to the best future possible.

EON consists of a statewide network working to:

  • Develop, support, and act on regional strategies for leveraging low-cost shale energy and distributed generation opportunities to improve the environment and quality of life in Ohio; and to re-establish Ohio as a global – and sustainable – manufacturing powerhouse.
  • Understand and report to the general public, policy makers, and energy practitioners how energy sources, technologies, and policies will lead to a sustainable economic and environmental future for Ohioans. This will entail information gathering, research, education, and policy development.
  • Position Ohio as an innovator in energy and leverage the state’s natural resources.

Ohio has the potential to become the epicenter of industrial revitalization thanks to shale development, distributed energy opportunities, and advanced energy technologies.  Realization of this potential will take the public/private collaboration, regulatory policy changes, and technical expertise that are the foundation of EON’s mission.

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